Meet Me @ The Clinic

Will you be there?

        Meet Me @ The Clinic was created with a conscious emphasis on generating diverse, socially conscious media. 

          Meet Me @ The Clinic started as a series of questions we had for ourselves as artists:  What stories did we want to see that we weren't already seeing?   What kinds of characters did we want to play that weren’t necessarily available to us?  What issues were most impacting our lives?   What responsibilities did we have as artists who create media?  

          The premise came out of our dream summer internship scenario:  Two young women volunteering at a Women’s Health Clinic - adventure, education, growth, friendship, coming of age realizations ensue.

          As the series took shape, we were inspired by trailblazing artists and activists who use their platform to give voice to new, impactful stories.  It's our aim to create diverse and inclusive media that represents the narratives of marginalized groups, specifically the experiences of women and people of color - and creating this series has given us the unique opportunity to do just that.   

          We made a conscious effort to fill our screen and our set with underrepresented artists.  Out of the team of 35 cast and crew members that brought this show to life, 23 of them are artists who identify as female.  Out of those 23 artists, 15 identify as people of color.  For us, this show was the opportunity to take our representation into our own hands. 

         This series never would never have been possible without our incredible support system of inspiring friends, teachers, and community partners.  We hope that you enjoy exploring the world of The Clinic  just as much as we enjoyed creating it.


Love and thanks, 

      Victoria Tamez & Eliana Pipes


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